Nickel & High Nickel Alloy Filler Wire

AWS A5.14 ERNi-1
Carbon .06 Phosphorus .008
Manganese .30 Copper .02
Silicon .40 Aluminum .5
Iron .10 Titanium 3.0
Sulfur .003 Nickel 95.5
Ni-1 is used for TIG,MIG and SAW welding of Nickel 200 or 201.This filler metal is also employed for overlaying on steel as well as repairing cast iron casting.It can be used for dissimilar joints between Nickel Alloys to Stainless or Ferritic Steels.
Nickel 31.0 Phosphorus .006
Manganese 0.75 Titanium .35
Silicon .10 Copper Balance
Iron .55
It is used for TIG,MIG and Oxy-fuel welding of 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper-nickel alloys.This filler metal can be used for MIG Overlay on Steel after a first layer with Nickel 208.Dissimilar-welding application include joining Copper Nickel alloys to nickel 200 or Nickel-Coppers alloys.
AWS A5.14.ERNiCu-7
Carbon .05 Phosphorus .009
Manganese 3.45 Copper Balance
Silicon .77 Aluminum .1
Iron .4 Titanium 2.25
Sulfur .002 Nickel 65.2
Nicu-7 is Used for TIG or MIG welding of Nickel Coppers alloys.This filler metal can be used for MIG overlay on steel after a first layer with Nickel 208,Dissimilar Welding application include joining Copper Nickel alloys to nickel 200 or Nickel-Coppers alloys.
AWS A15.14 ERNiCr-3
Carbon .03 Columbum +
Manganese 2.85 Titanium 2.5
Silicon .22 Nickel 72.9
Iron 1.1 Salfur .001
Chromium 20.4 Phosphorus .003
Nicr-3 is Used for TIG,MIG and SAW welding of base material such as (ASTM,B166,B168- alloys which have UNS Number No6600).It is one of the most used Nickel alloys whose application range from cryogenic to high temperatures. This filler metal can be used for dissimilar Welding application between various Nickel alloys and stainless or Carbon steels, as well as for overlaying.
AWS A5.14 ERNiCrCoMo-1
Carbon .06 Molybdenum 9.05
Manganese .20 Aluminum 1.25
Silicon .11 Titanium .25
Iron .75 Nickel Balance
Chromium 20.8 Sulfur .001
Cobalt 12.45 Phosphorus .005
NiCrCoMo-1 id used for TIG,MIg and SAW welding of Nickel-chrome-cobal-Molybdenum alloys, as well as between themselves and dissimilar metals, such as stainless carbon or low alloys Steels. This filler wire also can be used to overlay weding where similar chemical composition is desired. The weld metal provides optimum strength and oxidation resistance from 1500F(815C) upto 2100F (1150C).
AWS A5.14 ERNiCrCoMo-3
Carbon .009 Titanium .19
Manganese .05 Aluminum .17
Silicon .12 Sulfur .002
Chromium 21.9 Phosphorus .006
Molybdenum 8.65 Nickel Balance
Columbum + Iron .60
Tantalum 3.7
NiCrMo-3 is used for TIG,MIG and SAW welding of Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloys. This filler metal is very versatile in its applications. It can be used for welding of dissimilar joints between-chrome-Molybdenum alloys and stainless of Carbon or Low alloys steels. It can also be used for cladding as well as for spraying application. Shivshakti Metal NiCrMo-3 with low iron (less than 0.8%) is preferred in various applications where dilution of iron must be controlled to the minium.
The high alloy content of Shivshakti Metal NiCrMo-3 enables it to withstand highly corrosive environments. The combinations of Nickel and Chromium provides the resistance to reducing conditions. Due to its Molybdenum content, this alloy offers resistance to stress corrosion cracking,pitting and crevice corrosion.
AWS A5.14 ERNiCrCoMo-4
Carbon 0.01 Sulfur .002
Manganese 0.55 Phosphorus .009
Silicon 0.04 Vanadium .15
Chromium 15.55 Nickel Balance
Molybdenum 16.1 Iron 5.5
Tungsten 3.65
Tantalum 3.7
NiCrMo-4 id used for Welding of materials of similar chemical composition(UNS Number N10276)as well as dissimilar meterials of nickel base allys,steels and stainless steels. This wire also can be used for cladding steel with Nickel-chromium molybdenum weld metal. This alloys,due to its high molybdenum content, offers excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion.